An experienced translator

From designing the plans for her own dolls’ house in her father’s shed and supervising the making of it, Sandrine Constant-Scagnetto has always had a passion for tools, techniques and trades.

She has a passion for her craft and has worked in the field of technical and industrial translation for almost 25 years.
Never afraid of getting her hands dirty, she scrutinises your products as skilfully as the assisted translation tools she uses.
Over the years, alongside engineers and technicians, at her clients’ premises and working closely with project managers, she has acquired extensive experience and has learned to master

  • the jargon and terminology of the sectors she specialises in;
  • the use of CAT (computer-assisted translation) and localisation tools.

As well as her strong technical ability, Sandrine Constant-Scagnetto has an excellent writing style, enabling her to take on a wide range of projects.

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