Outstanding translation and editing services

traduction révision pro re nata

Sandrine Constant-Scagnetto and Sophie Dinh work as a team to bring you an outstanding translation and editing service. With several decades of experience between them, they translate in a wide range of medical fields. While Sandrine has a passion for cardiology and Sophie has a fondness for orthopaedics, they are both detail oriented and always adhere to deadlines. They enjoy translating for the same clients, which gives them a greater insight into the relevant products and services, and ensures a style which is both accurate and a pleasure to read.

By working together, they can provide maximum availability as well as double-check the documents translated. Find out more about their successful teamwork here.

What’s more, they can set up teams of translators on request to handle specific or long-term projects. These small, dedicated teams will manage your documentation and guarantee that your terminology is kept consistent.